Online consultation

Online consultation
If the locations of our stores are inconvenient for you, we have an offer for you!
We suggest you take advantage of our new online consultation service!
I. Complete a SHORT SURVEY to let us know what your ideas are for framing your image.
II. Send your image by courier (optional) to the address Sofia, 78 "Knyaz Boris I" Str., recipient Frame Design, contact phone number 0892684691, and the courier service is at the sender's expense(1)
send a well-lit photo of your image to
III. Our consultant will contact you within 24 hours of receiving the image (physical or digital) to discuss the framing approach.
IV. You will receive 5 options for framing, according to the requirements you specified in the survey, from which you can choose the most suitable one for you. The online consultation is completely free, and if you do not manage to like a frame, we will return the image to you (in case you sent it by courier) entirely at our expense(2).
V. Once you have selected a frame and approved the price, we will initiate the manufacturing and framing process, the timeframe varying according to current workload as described in our Delivery Terms.
VI. We will send back your image, framed in the way you choose, with a courier company Econt to an address (at the expense of the recipient) or to an office (at a price of BGN 5.99). The shipment is INSPECTION, TEST AND INSURANCE included and we strongly recommend that you exercise your right to open the shipment and make sure that the frame is intact.
VII. Hang the framed image on your wall and if you wish send us a photo to make sure everything is in order and you are satisfied.
(1) We recommend to turn on REVIEW, TEST and INSURANCE service when sending your image to an address. Frame Design is not responsible for images improperly packaged for shipping by the sender and/or damaged by the courier company.
(2) To office courier company Econt.