Frequently asked questions F.A.Q.

How to chose a frame?

Framing approaches are different, but the choice is made based on the following details - the colors in the picture and the surrounding interior, as well as your preferences and budget. The consultants in our stores will advise you on the suitable options, according to the image.

In which cases do I need to put a glass infront of my image?

In general, if your image is on paper, glass is required, and if it is on canvas (a print or painting with oil, acrylic, tempera, or other paints), glass is not recommended. Through our online store you have a choice of 3 types of face, and the consultants in our stores will show you additional options and give you a recommendation for the most suitable type for your image.

My image is a stretched canvas on a wooden frame that's 2cm thick. What type of frame do I need?

Most profiles are not deep enough to cover the entire thickness of the subframe. It is generally accepted that this is not necessary, since when the picture is hung on the wall, the uncovered part of the subframe is not noticeable. Of course, we also have deep profiles if you want the frame to cover the full thickness, but the selection is more limited. The consultants in our studios will direct you to profiles with sufficient depth, and if you want to place an online order, the profile depth is indicated in the description of each profile in our catalog.

I want to frame a jigsaw puzzle. What do I need to know?

If you plan to bring the puzzle to one of our physical studios, it must be glued to something because as much as we enjoy rearranging puzzles, we are usually too busy :) We recommend that you measure your puzzle if possible in an ordered version and then to order a frame, since often the size indicated on the box turns out to be incorrect.

I want to put a framed mirror in my bathroom. What type of profile should I look for?

It is recommended to frame bathroom mirrors with polystyrene profiles, as wooden profiles tend to absorb moisture and accordingly deform when in direct contact with water.

I need something framed urgently. What is the shortest amount of time you could do it?

In our studio in Sofia at "Tsvetan Minkov" 8 Street, the framing process can be completed within 2 astronomical hours, and in our other studios, urgent orders take about a day. Contact the sales consultant in the relevant store to confirm whether we can accept your order.

I want to frame a mirror/wallpaper/graffiti, but I can't get it off the wall. What should I do?

If you are in the city of Sofia, the best option is to contact us and arrange a visit from our staff, who could take the measurements, advise you, and even subsequently deliver and mount the frame to the wall. If you are not in the city of Sofia, contact us to discuss your individual case and decide together how to assist you.

My image is of great value. How do you insure its safety?

Choosing a frame for valuable images is always a pleasure for us. Frame Design offers an express framing service in our store in Sofia, 8 Tsvetan Minkov Street within about an hour, as well as the option of mounting the image to the frame (for express and standard orders) in your presence. Our main goal is to ensure the safety of the painting, the peace of mind of the client as well as our team.

In case you find the answers listed above not helpful, please do not hesitate to contact us.