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About us


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Frame Design Ltd. has been on the market since 1998. For more than two decades, we have been developing in picture framing, the production of embroidery frames, photo frames and mirror frames, according to the customer's individual dimensions, with a combination of profiles chosen by him. Driven by the constant desire to meet new challenges, we daily acquire new knowledge and skills with which we can be of maximum benefit to our current and future customers, partners and distributors.
At the moment, we import wooden, PVC and aluminum profiles, which are available in each of our five specialized stores. We have our own production base for the production of frames and the production of wedge frames (for stretching canvas) in the city of Sofia, which is equipped with new and well-maintained machines. We are constantly looking for an opportunity to grow and expand our network of distributors in dozens of cities in the country.
Despite our extensive experience in the field of framing, we continue to learn from our customers, follow new trends in framing, and constantly evolve.
Thank you for your trust!
Do not hesitate to challenge us with your most complex projects - new challenges are the reason why we are a leading company on the market and we will gladly bring your idea to life!


We have a stunning variety of profiles,…

We have an assortment of over 1000 models of frame profiles and passepartouts, which give you the opportunity to choose the most suitable combination of frames for you and your picture in the pleasant company of our consultants. We will provide you with peace of mind, a good mood and a creative atmosphere in our spacious showrooms, as well as satisfaction with the final product, fully tailored to your requirements. If you wish, we will advise you on the choice of frame.

...for framing pictures,...

A good choice of frame can significantly improve the visual appearance of your picture. Trust our consultants who, through their many years of experience, know exactly how to approach each type of image.


We can frame any type of needlepoint tapestry, embroideries and artwork, each with its own specifics. Before framing, the tapestry is carefully stretched over a hard surface with an alkaline base, allowing it to be framed. A prerequisite is that the stretching of the tapestry is a reversible process, by which it is possible to reframe or transport it after dismantling.


We can provide you with a high quality mirror at a competitive price to fit into the frame of your choice, or you can bring your own to simply be finished with a frame.

...and memories.

The memory of emotions is always with you. Every single object close to the heart can naturally be placed in a frame that keeps it intact and natural for many years to come. Whether it will be the tennis ball signed by Grigor Dimitrov, the beer bottle of the tested beer with the favorite rock musician, the badges and t-shirts of the favorite football team is a matter of personal sentimental value. Frame Design has the ability to have them saved, stored in a frame, and close to you.


We can also cut passepartout,...

An impeccably cut passepartout is an essential element in quality framing, extending the life of the picture, and the acid-free nature of our passepartouts prevents discoloration. Our new and well-maintained machines cut passepartout while protecting the integrity of the bevel. The passepartout can be straight or oval, matching your image. The size of a sheet of acid-free passepartout is 100/70 or 120/80 depending on its type.

...to stretch the canvas,...

Our own wedge subframe production allows the stretching of canvases - blank, painted or printed - of any size. Our subframe is manufactured with a double gusset in each corner, which allows for additional stretching of the canvas to accommodate its changing mechanical properties over the years. Blank canvases are available in French standard format sizes and can be found here. Canvas painting canvas is available in single units as well as large series suitable for wholesalers, art academies, group plein airs, etc.

...to laminate images,...

The laminating is done in a hot air press with high quality sticking sprays. Laminating is most often necessary for watercolors and other images on paper that are wrinkled by moisture, or for canvases and other images that do not need glazing.


...and fulfill your order from A to Z within an hour.

Within about 90 minutes from Monday to Friday in the studio in the city of Sofia, "Tsvetan Minkov"8 street, we can place your image in a frame, and if you wish, you can even personally observe its assembly to the frame. In our other studios, express orders are also possible and take about 24 hours.

We also offer secure delivery,...

   Take advantage of our delivery service with our transport on the territory of Sofia - safer, faster and more convenient. Make a delivery appointment with the sales consultant in the store or by phone. For your convenience, we also offer a two-way transport service, which is particularly suitable for voluminous and/or valuable images.

...quality assembly,...

   Usually, after placing the image in a frame, it is necessary to hang it on a wall. We can take care of that too. Frame Design offers an easy and high-quality solution - take advantage of our service for delivery and installation of paintings on the territory of Sofia by trained and skilled staff. Installation is done with modern machines and hanging systems, tailored to the look of both the picture and your wall.

...and stable partnerships.

   HomeMax, following its policy of concluding contracts with all good Bulgarian manufacturers in various areas of the interior, started cooperation with Frame Design. Here you can view and purchase the full range of format frames and photo frames produced by Frame Design. You can also easily choose an attractive profile for a custom frame, a colorful passepartout, a painting canvas, or take advantage of our tapestry stretching service. You can win a favorite gift through their bonus program, current in every store in their network. Information on other Frame Design products and services offered by HomeMax can be obtained on-site in their stores.